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In less than 10 seconds you can have a professional independant java chat running from your website, totally customizeable and controlled by you. This is a 100% free service, we pay all the costs, we guarentee a 99% uptime for your chatroom. The software we use is ChatSpace, it is the oldest and most advanced java chatting software on the web. It has evolved into alot over the years and is in most peoples opinion the best java chat software available. It is compatable with any IRC client mIRC, X-Chat, ircZ, Ircle other popular java chats like Digi Chat do not allow this feature, this is one of the many reason why chatspace is prefered by users.

ChatSpace supports:

  • Person to person private conversation
  • File sending
  • Nickname Registration
  • Memo sending to offline users
  • Chatroom moderation

These are just some of what ChatSpace has to offer, all of which can be enabled or disabled

None of the codes you paste onto your site will contain any advertisements or backlinks to our site, Our applets are professional and are of the highest quality

You can display anywhere on your website(s) the amount of chatters in your chatroom and list each individual nickname. What other free chat software service offers this?

Adding a chat room to your website is very simple. Fill out the form below, click create chat room and follow the direction on the confirmation page. If you have any questions please come chat with us live by clicking here

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