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ChatSpace Commands
ChatSpace IRC and Java Commands

This page will have most of the Java and IRC ChatSpace Commands that you will ever need.

IRC Commands
If you are using an IRC client instead of ChatSpace’s Client technology, you will need to use “IRC Commands” to control your chatting environment. The following is a alphabetical list of executable commands:

/admin Lists Administrators currently signed on:


/akill (Administrators only) Sets a global server ban on a user :

/akill *@TargetHostnameHere OptionalReasonHere

/away Marks you as being "away”. Members who send a message to you automatically receive an informational message notifying them that you are “away”. Issuing the away command again marks you as no longer being away:

/away OptionalReasonHere

/clearakills (Administrators only) removes all the global server bans from your server only:


/connect (Operators and Admins) Connects another server to your server in the cluster:

/connect TargetServerNameHere

/credits Lists the credits for ChatSpace Software: /credits

/die (Operators and Admins) Shuts down the chat site (be careful - you can't issue a command to restart it)

"/die" by itself will kill your server; "/die" followed by the name of a currently linked server will kill the clustered server:

/die (or /die TargetServerNameHere)

/globops (Operators and Administrators) Sends a message to the other Operators and Admins:

/globops YourMessageHere

/help Lists commands:


/info Lists information about a server; "/info" by itself will provide information about the server you are currently connected to:

/info OptionalTargetServerNameHere

/invite (Room Moderators) invites a user to your invite-only room:

/invite TargetNicknameHere

/join Joins (enters) a new room:

/join #TargetRoomHere

/kick (Room Moderators and Administrators) Kicks a member out of the room:

/kick TargetNicknameHere #TargetRoomHere OptionalReasonHere

/kill (Operators and Administrators) Disconnects a member from the chat site:

/kill TargetNicknameHere

/kline (Operators and Administrators) Sets a server ban on a user:

/kline *@TargetHostnameHere OptionalReasonHere

/links Lists all servers in the cluster currently connected to the server you are on:


/list Lists all the rooms on the chat site:


/lusers Returns counts of members, operators, administrators and rooms currently on the chat site:


/me Sends an action message to another member or room:

/me YourActionHere

/msg Send a member a private message:

/msg TargetNicknameHere YourMessageHere

/mode (Room Moderators and Administrators) To ban someone:

/mode #YourRoomHere +b *@TargetMemberHostnameHere (-b to remove ban)

To give Strict Moderation Voice to a member: /mode # YourRoomHere +v TargetNicknameHere (-v to take away voice)

To give a member temporary moderator status:

/mode # YourRoomHere +o TargetNicknameHere

(-o to take away)

To set room "secret" (won't show up in the list): /mode # YourRoomHere +s

To set a password on the room: /mode #room YourRoomHere +k YourPasswordHere

/motd Displays the chat site’s “Message of the Day” information: /motd

/names Displays nickname list information. "/names" by itself shows the nicks of every person on the chat site, or just the nicknames of the members in a particular room:


/names #YourRoomNameHere

/nick Changes your nickname: /nick YourNewNicknameHere

/notice Sends a member a "quick" private message (does not open up a Person to Person chat box on their side): /notice TargetNicknameHere YourMessageHere


(Room Moderators only) Sends a message to the other Room Moderators: /onotice YourMessageHere

/oper (Operators and Administrators only) Obtain Operator or Administrator Status: /oper YourOperIdHere YourOperPasswordHere

/part Leave the room you are currently in:

/part #RoomNameHere

/pass Sends the password for your registered nickname (passwords are CaSe-SeNsItIvE): /pass YourPasswordHere

/quit Exit the chat site:

/quit OptionalQuitMessageHere

/rakill (Administrators only) Removes a global server ban off of your server and off of all currently linked servers:

/rakill TargetUserid@HostnameMaskHere

/services Sends a registered room or nickname command:

/services ServicesCommandHere

/services register Register a room or a nickname:

/services register YourNicknameHere YourPasswordHere

/services register #YourRoomHere

/services set (to change password) Change the password for your registered nickname:

/services set YourNicknameHere pass YourNewPasswordHere

/services set

(to change a profile setting) Change a profile’s name, email address, url, or admin status (Admins only):

/services set YourNicknameHere name YourNameHere

/services set YourNicknameHere email YourEmailAddressHere

/services set YourNicknameHere url YourEmailAddressHere

/services set TargetNicknameHere admin on

/services set (to change a room setting) Change a setting for a room. Can be used to set a room greeting, turn transcripts on, turn replay on.

/services set #YourRoomHere greet YourGreetingHere

/services set #YourRoomHere transcripts on

/services set #YourRoomHere replay on

/services set #YourRoomHere replaytype lines

/services set #YourRoomHere replayamt 10

/services set #YourRoomHere replay on

/services reset (resets a nickname or room) Reset the password for a nickname (admins only). Reset all settings for a room (admins and room owners only):

/services reset TargetNicknameHere

/services reset #TargetRoomHere

/services ghost Clears a “stuck” or “ghost” nickname so that you can use it again:

/services ghost YourNicknameHere YourNewPasswordHere


(Administrators only) temporarily makes another user an Operator or Administrator; status stays until the user quits the server or you manually take it away from them

To set as Operator:

/setoper TargetNicknameHere +o (or -o to take away)

To set as Administrator:

/setoper TargetNicknameHere +a (or -a to take away)

/shun (Administrators only) Causes ChatSpace to ignore everything said by a certain:

/shun *@TargetMembersHostnameHere

To remove:

/shun -*@TargetMembersHostnameHere

To view all of your current shuns


/silence Ignore everything a member says to you privately or in the room (if you're using an IRC client other than the Java Client, check your client's help files for the word "ignore"):

/silence *@TargetMembersHostnameHere

/squit (Operators and Administrators) disconnects a currently linked server in the cluster:

/squit TargetServerNameHere

/stats Lists prohibited nicknames:

/stats q

Lists server bans and global server bans on this server:

/stats k

Lists Operator Definition entries:

/stats o

Lists the length of time the server has been running:

/stats u

Lists client definition entries:

/stats I

Lists available commands:

/stats m

Lists client and connection classes, and their ping times:

/stats y

Lists leaves and hub servers in the cluster:

/stats h

Lists servers that are defined, but are not currently connected: /stats x

Lists Connection statistics:

/stats w

/time Returns the server's date and time:


/topic (Room Moderators) changes the room's topic:

/topic #YourRoomNameHere YourNewTopicHere

/tour (Room Moderators and Administrators) Send member on a Web Tour (push):

/tour TargetNicknameHere TargetURLHere

Send user to another room:

/tour /tour TargetNicknameHere TargetURLHere # TargetRoomHere

For members, lists all the operators &
administrators on the server; for operators and administrators, lists of all members:


/unkline (Operators and Administrators) Removes a (local) server ban:

/unkline *@TargetMembersHostnameHere

/version Returns version information about the ChatSpace chat site:


/who Lists all members in a particular room:

/who #TargetRoomHere

Lists all members from a particular domain:

/who *@HostnamePatternHere

Lists all members currently on the chat site:


/whois Returns information about a member

/whois TargetNicknameHere

/whowas (Administrators) returns a logon history for a user:

/whowas TargetNicknameHere