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Basic ChatSpace and IRC Tips

Here are some basic ChatSpace Administration tips for keeping your chat secure. If you go to multiple chat servers use different passwords on each server. We know of people who create temporary servers with the intention of getting as many people to register as possible so they can use the profile.htm exploit and obtain passwords. More information on the profile.htm exploit can be below.

ChatSpace Hosting Tips

The first thing you need to do when you get your new server is locate the Profile.htm file. People exploit this file and use it to get nickname and IRC style O-line passwords. It can be found at Data/Java files of your ChatSpace server. Most people just remove this file completely but the best thing to do is register on a statcounter site and place the stat code inside the Profile.htm file. Now you can monitor who is going into this file, what nicknames they are trying to expoit and more. We know a ChatSpace hosting company who have used this method for every every file of the ChatSpace and have found other exploits that aren't as common as the Profile.htm.

We tried to make a public Database of common IP's who attempt to use the exploit but the only ChatSpace Hosting reseller company who was interested was Stelivo

Blocking mIRC on ChatSpace

This information is not public, Contact for information on blocking mIRC.