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Beware of scammers!

The following will provide you with 4 reasons why taking short cuts, hosting ChatSpace with fake illegal resellers to try and save a money will damage your community and website.

1) - Exploitable Software

With ChatSpace Hosting providers like 90% of the time the ChatSpace software they provide is not only illegally ran and very unstable, but it is almost certainly not patched from common exploits. It's very easy to obtain the passwords to registered members usernames within the chat software. So called hackers can not only destroy your chat community by this but will then try these passwords against external services like Gmail, Hotmail and PayPal and are then able to cause real damage.

2) - Java Certified Applets

This is a good indication to know whether a ChatSpace server is legitimate and more importantly patched. When using illegal ChatSpace Hosting like the kind provided at, this popup appears every time the user loads the ChatSpace servers applet. This is extremely bad for the community and website for many reasons. There are java exploit viruses that are very common which look exactly the same as this, when the user clicks yes it infects the computer with a virus, because of this many people will click out of a webpage when they see this popup. More importantly if the site is reported a lot due to this popup (which happens) anti virus companies will blacklist your domain name, potentially millions of internet guests may never access your website because their computers anti virus protection will block it.

3) - Inability to block mIRC

The ability to block mIRC properly on a ChatSpace server as any server owner knows is critical. Children with old downloaded mIRC flood scripts ravage ChatSpace servers on a regular basis for nothing more than entertainment. Sites like and other illegal hosting sites have no 100% solid method of blocking mIRC, this is why cheap mIRC bot hosting services are found on their hosting websites to cater for security holes that the software shouldn't have in the first place. There is a script commonly known as a Java Spoofer that can bypass ChatSpaces mIRC block which legitimate ChatSpace Hosting providers like have patched, they are the only ChatSpace hosting providers who are able to block mIRC.

4) - Stability and Reputation

Before making your purchase for ChatSpace Hosting, find out about the backend of the company you're purchasing from. Sites like advertise packages such as "1500 Users" but do the research and find out how many ChatSpace servers do they actually host if any at all? We happen to know that uses a $20 a month VPS with 1GB of ram, there services wouldn't be able to host 100 users never mind 1000 plus. ChatSpace was designed on Windows 2000 and was never meant to run from a VPS, it doesn't perform correctly unless running from it's own dedicated server. Not only is the product itself incapable of running efficiently due to it's hosting dependencies, but the software itself is flawed, exploitable, not patched and running an illegal key that could be shut down at any time. You can find the software used by sites like on download sites.