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ChatSpace Applets

Download in text file format or view the source on our website and paste straight into yours. All the version of the ChatSpace Applet and parameters codes to customize the applet.

ChatSpace Applet 1.5

The oldest version of the ChatSpace applet.Works with all versions of ChatSpace but doesn't allow copy and paste and has scroll bar problems which don't allow you to see the chat room text, loads the quickest.

ChatSpace Applet 2.1

ChatSpace 2.1 applet also works with all versions of ChatSpace and has a copy and paste option but doesn't allow it. Works good with the bg and fg parameters to change the colours of the applet without installing applet skins.

ChatSpace Applet 3.1

Specifically for ChatSpace 3.1, buddy list is introduced on this ChatSpace but it has an editbox bug which doesn't allow you to paste.

ChatSpace Applet 4.x

Very simaler to the ChatSpace 3.1 but 4.1+ has the editbox bug fixed and has alot more emoticons and avatars.

Parameter Codes

Customize your applet using parameters.