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Read the Guidelines before submitting your site
Guidelines and Submission Form

Please read these guidelines before submitting a site for inclusion in the ChatSpace Directory. Submit your site only once, it can take up to 3 working days for your site to be listed. We only accept one ChatSpace Server once, you may not submit multiple sites connecting to the same ChatSpace Server.

We do not list illegal chat servers, your server must be either hosted by an authorized reseller or you must be a keyholder of the ChatSpace product you are submitting.

You do not have to provide a backlink to to get listed, but you will not recieve a link from us. will create an applet to your chat server on our site and members can connect to your chat through directly through us. The ident of users from our directory will be 'ChatSpace' and have a real name param of our URL.

We would prefer if you linked back to us, please use these Link Codes



URL to your site:

Backlink: (URL to our link on your site, leave blank if none)

My ChatSpace Server is:

If you selected 'Hosted with another reseller' In the description at the bottom please include the name and website of the reseller company



Site Description: (Include websites affiliated with your chat server)